Custard Tarts

Sitting in Etihad’s lounge at Abu Dhabi, munching on some really excellent custard tarts. Every time I do this trip, I have a fruit platter on the plane, arrive in the lounge feeling virtuous (as you do) and then go completely mad eating loads of custard tarts 😱 For the record, the pain au chocolat is pretty good too 😋

My invisible travelling companion, depression, or, as I’ve named it, the Black Hole, is taking a back seat at the moment. Mr. BH first appeared in my life in 2005 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which triggered early menopause, and dissolved all hope of becoming a Mum. Most of the time, I successfully keep B Hole at bay. However, this last 12 months has been a constant struggle, with many hours spent trying to scramble back up those Black Hole walls. For now, I’ve made it back up those walls, standing at the edge of BH, and that’s okay 👍

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