The day after

As with many stressful events, the anticipation is often far worse, and anxiety-inducing, than the event itself. And so it was with Mum’s Anniversary.

After missing my exit on the way from the airport to our family home, and ending up 40kms out of my way in the next county (the “Welcome to County Tipperary” road sign was the icing on the cake) before I could get off the motorway and turn around (there were tears), I arrived in the nick of time for the anniversary mass.

Over the years, I used to send Mum Australian beeswax candles in the shape of an angel, which she loved. I’d shipped one to Ireland for Mum’s anniversary, so brought it to the church with me and lit it for the duration of the mass (may have broken a rule or two, but I’m sure Mum appreciated the gesture). We brought the candle to the pub with us afterwards, and put it next to a brandy & 7UP for her…I hope she didn’t think it was a waste of a good drink!

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